A Place Further Than the Universe - Episode 6 Review

A Place Further Than the Universe Hinata

As the four girls travel to Singapore, the series highlights the comedic and dramatic trouble of adventuring into the unknown. The impressive understanding of the struggles of travelling creates a very entertaining addition to A Place Further Than the Universe

The group has fun exploring, but Hinata seems to have lost her passport. While the group fumbles around, conflict sparks between the members.

A Place Further Than the Universe manages to engage the viewer with a familiar presentation of travelling on a plane, visiting tourist locations, and hanging out with your friends in new places. The series handles this in a way that allows the viewer to empathize with the struggles of the four girls. The sense of humor relies on its audience understanding the painful, yet fascinating experience of tourism.

A Place Further Than the Universe Plane Scene

When Hinata lost her passport, she inconvenienced the rest of the group. The four girls had a strict schedule to follow and the dream of travelling to Antarctica started to crumble. As the girls are unsure of what to do, a dispute occurs between Shirase and Hinata. Hinata wants the group to leave without her, but Shirase refuses to abandon her. This creates another cheesy situation where both girls want the best for each other. As a result, they start fighting. It’s hard to imagine a situation where something like this would happen. It’s as if everyone in this series is a saint, and because they all want the best for each other, the dialogue comes off as inauthentic.

A Place Further Than the Universe Singapore

Regardless, it’s executed pretty well. The dramatic music, engaging acting, and gorgeous animation helped to sell these scenes. In the end, a hilarious plot twist completely shifts the tone.

A Place Further Than the Universe remains cheesy but is improved with gorgeous visual and aural execution. Its sense of humor is incredibly fun, and it understands the complexities of traveling.


Good Bad
Relatable Humor Inauthentic Drama
Solid Execution

- 7/10 -