Pokémon GO February Events & Legendary Pokémon

Source: https://pokemongolive.com

Pokémon GO is offering a lot of content this February with a couple of events, longer lasting lures, and a new legendary Pokémon.

The latest of the Hoenn region is being set free tomorrow, on February 9. Niantic is also setting the usage time of lures to six hours instead of the usual thirty minutes until February 23. Players are recommended to capture Hoenn’s Salamence or Metagross along with others during this period.

Source: https://cdn3.dualshockers.com/

With the new additions, Niantic is releasing a new legendary raid for Rayquaza that will last until March 16. Kyogre, the current legendary, will stop appearing in Raid Battles after February 14.

Niantic will also be changing which Pokémon appear in the wild, and in eggs, in order to allow players to catch the newly revealed generation from February 9-13.

In addition to these new companions, the shop is offering item bundles which include egg incubators, star pieces, and raid passes to help increase the volume of your inventory.