Darling in the FranXX - Episode 4 Review

Source: https://static.anime21.blog

Source: https://static.anime21.blog

Darling in the FranXX delivers its best episode so far, but it’s still plagued by a generic script and bland fight scenes.

Large and powerful Klaxosaurs are appearing more frequently, and Zero Two is needed to stop them. After piloting a Franxx with her, Mitsuru is going crazy, claiming that anyone willing to ride Strelitzia is insane. He goes as far as to claim that Zero Two is the devil. Even after hearing this, Hiro hasn’t changed his mind about piloting with her, although, he is starting to become uncertain.

Unfortunately, FranXX’s fight scenes remain lifeless. No rules are established, and no battle plan is shown to us regarding how the Parasites will defeat a Klaxosaur. The mechs just mindlessly clash against each other like bumper cars. While these scenes are animated well, the lack of tension and care put into the development of a fight destroy its merits. Not only that, but every battle is a carbon copy of the last. The group of Parasites get caught in a fight they can’t win, and then Zero Two comes to save the day inside Strelitzia. This has been the general structure so far.

Source: https://otakuorbit.files.wordpress.com

Source: https://otakuorbit.files.wordpress.com

Thankfully, this episode develops a major plot point. The way the writer goes about getting Zero Two and Hiro together feels too familiar, but the direction is solid. In a previous episode review, I stated that the director did things with no discernible reason. However, this installment makes certain choices clear. Widescreen is used whenever Zero Two and Hiro are having a romantic moment. Not only that, but a certain track seems to be played, creating an immersive environment. Even if it’s directed well, the progression here is quite typical. Hiro gives a speech about how he wants to be with Zero Two, and then she suddenly escapes her confines easily. It’s written poorly, but the direction saves these scenes.

As a little side note, when Zero Two and Hiro finally enter Strelitzia together, Hiro says “I feel myself going deeper inside you.” This could’ve been just a translation choice, but it’s still hilarious.

While latest episode of Darling in the FranXX suffers from a familiar script and unengaging fight scenes, the execution is surprisingly good.


Good Bad
Solid Visuals Generic Script
Intriguing Directing Bland Fight Scenes

- 6/10 -