Shadow of War Gets Its First Story Expansion


Earlier today, Shadow of War, the second game in a Middle-earth series, got its first story expansion, Blade of Galadriel.

Monolith Productions takes players on a journey with Eltariel, a companion in the base game, as she continues her mission in the lands of Mordor against a new Nazgûl threat. 

A trailer was also uploaded today along with the new content. It shows us a little more of exactly who Eltariel will be facing off against. 

The events of this DLC take place after the fight between Sauron and Celebrimbor. The player will take control of a powerful new arsenal of weapons, including the Light of Galadriel, and Eltariel’s magical blades. The player is ordered to fight off the Nazgûl once again, but due to recent events, it seems she must now fight the Ranger Talion as well. 

The downloadable content’s base price is $14.99, but if you bought the expansion pass, not only will you receive the story pack with the Blade of Galadriel and Desolation of Mordor—to be released in May—but the Slaughter and Outlaw Tribes and the Online Fight Pits as well.