A Place Further Than the Universe - Episode 4 Review

Source: https://cdn.animenewsnetwork.com

Source: https://cdn.animenewsnetwork.com

A Place Further than the Universe retains its quality thanks to hilarious skits and natural dialogue, but its tone is becoming repetitive.

The episode starts off with the four girls thrilled about finally finding a method of travelling to Antarctica. For preparation, the group has to take a series of classes about the continent’s harsh environment. However, Mari hasn’t told her mom that she plans on going.

The series continues to be as funny as it has been, keeping its comedic style consistent. It’s full of bizarre skits meant to create entertaining situations out of seemingly normal ones. A good example would be where Mari tells her mom about her plan to travel to Antarctica. This scene has the mother chasing her around the house with a kitchen utensil. When Mari’s father comes home, he runs away, apologizing that he can’t help her. These moments are hilarious, exaggerating the characters’ emotions to enhance comedic effect.

Source: http://cough.cocolog-nifty.com

Source: http://cough.cocolog-nifty.com

It’s also quite surprising how naturally Mari, Shirase, Hinata, and Yuzuki interact, as their conversations don’t feel forced or melodramatic. The four girls exchange casual banter and jokes in the same way any friend group does, and it’s rather amusing to watch. This is especially evident during the group training sequences. The characters bounce silly dialogue off of each other about the best ways to complete their objectives. They each commit to a different focus to get along with their training.

Unfortunately, the tone of the series is becoming rather repetitive. It seems as if every episode ends in the same way: with sappy, concluding dialogue about the wonders of friendship or the beauty of adventure. These scenes are overused, destroying the effect they were intended for.

However, this was most entertaining episode thus far. The interactions feel genuine and the show’s sense of humor never fails to be amusing. Without the repetitive tone, A Place Further than the Universe can be quite special.


Good Bad
Gorgeous Animation Repetitve Tone
Hilarious Skits
Natural Dialogue

- 7/10 -