Overwatch’s Hero 27 Revealed

This morning Blizzard revealed Brigitte Lindholm as Overwatch’s new hero. 

Along with the reveal came a short origin story video with the caption, “Introducing Brigitte—an engineer turned valiant squire ready to protect her allies on the front line.  Learn more @ playoverwatch.com.”  

Although categorized as a support hero, Brigitte has mostly tank attributes. Her overview includes both a description of her abilities—shown below—and her backstory.  

Brigitte is already playable in the PTR, and Your Overwatch posted a video of her gameplay earlier today. The video shows that Brigitte’s barrier shield has 600 HP, far less than Reinhardt’s 2000 HP shield, and only shields Brigitte and allies directly behind her. 

Her repair pack ability heals around 150 HP and when applied to an ally with full health, or when the pack does more healing than needed, armor is provided to that ally for a short time. The developer update on PlayOverwatch goes into more detail regarding the use of her abilities.

In the PTR right now, Brigitte’s granted armor during her ultimate ability stays on allies even after her ultimate has ended. The armor stays on until the allies affected take enough damage for it to be removed. Brigitte has 250 HP at base, and her ultimate gives her armor granting Brigitte 400 HP over time until the armor is destroyed.  

“She counters a lot of heroes who are very powerful right now," Jeff Kaplan said. "So we think she’ll really mix up the way the game is being played.”