Fallen ~Makina and the City of Ruins~ Review

Content Warning: This game includes nudity and sexual content, and the following will include the discussion of sensitive subjects.

While Fallen ~Makina and the City of Ruins~ takes you on a journey that focuses more on delicate details and its performance of erotic pleasures, it falls short of the mark when that becomes its only focus.

Fallen is a doujin game that takes the player on two different paths that converge as one. From battling monsters and investigating a quickly developing city outside of the ruins to a sort-of battle of the sexes in the bedroom, tent, outside, or just about anywhere. 

The Story So Far

The player is put into the sandals of Blazing Hair Makina, a warrior of great renown, as she journeys her way to Gardona to investigate a dungeon that appeared out of nowhere. Upon entering the city, you're quickly thrown into the cogs that make this city so reputable and eventually learn of its dark secrets.

You have to work your way down a dungeon, through an underworld of dark criminals, and all while in a world of lust and perversion of every manner. This game is, in all shapes forms, a Hentai game with erotic ideas ranging from rape, a lot of rape, and “let me wash your back” erotic ideas.

While this game does seem to intentionally focus on the lewdness of its characters, it also takes the story quite seriously. With twist and turns, the intentional drawbacks to the city creates character development and inspires the player to see where the plot goes next. 

The Thing Is…

Though the story in the first half of the game, “The Dalton Arc,” is well connected and builds a climax to the end, the arc is only a halfway point in the game. From this arc to the end, there is nothing but running through the game, trying to collect all the scenes. This starts to develop as the actual main point of the game: you reach the end, and for the most part, you have all but forgotten why you are there.

The build-up given to you in the previous arc is gone, and you are forced to flounder about the last sequence as the main antagonist tells you of his plot. Having lost all your momentum, it's hard not to say, “Why should I care?”

Taking time to develop the characters and have them become part of your adventure was worthwhile in the beginning, but towards the end, they become nothing but sex-addicted slaves to be used for their counterparts’ own pleasure and enjoyment. You see less of them helping you counter the evil in the game and more of their erogenous zones torn apart.

Where’s My Team?

From the beginning of this game to the end, the characters felt like they should all interact and become a team, thus allowing you to control more than just Makina, as the ladies go take on the city together. The game even seems to be set up to have a party-like system, but it’s something that is just out of reach.

Several moments in the game, one of the three girls, Momo, Celia, or Irina join you in battle, but are nowhere to be seen. Although the player is overpowered throughout the game already, everything seemed to suggest that one of them would help you fight. Instead, the girls disappear into thin air when you engage the enemy even when they are right next to you before the battle. Or in a fight against orcs where Celia says to “take them out together,” she quietly vanishes. 

With a setup meant for parties, it would make sense to include them. Though even under-leveled, Makina is a force to be reckoned with. She is powerful as long as you have the appropriate weapons and armor, which are easy to get your hands on, primarily if you just explore a little.

The Smaller Details

Though the game is lacking in certain respects, it makes up for it with its attention to detail and art style. The erotic scenes are all unique and offer a plethora of different views, angles, and positions. The author provides scrupulous attention to shadow and movement during the events, and even makes each one, if only a little, entirely unique.

While some RPG games forget about certain NPCs after an event occurs, Fallen’s characters react, and this deserves praise. By moving a rock, or opening a pathway, a character's dialogue will change. Even though this is a small detail, it helps with the overall immersion of the world. It tells you that even though your action might seem insignificant, the world around you is noticing. It shows you that your actions are affecting the people around you, just like the real world.  

Although the soundtrack for this game sometimes leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it can be a resonating musical that perfectly matches the area you are traversing. The constant change leaves nothing to be desired, except for the distortion that happens at the beginning of the game. The nostalgia of playing RuneScape instantly came back to me as I was trotting my way through the city looking for the next fight, be it in battle or bed.

The author also makes an interesting choice in depicting the battle scenes. While Makina stays in her sprite form, all other enemies seem to get a completely drawn figure that's only movement is forward to signify any attack or to bounce up and down, so they aren’t at a standstill. Makina's sprite character moves and assaults with substantial movements and magic that have their respective stances, but she stays in her tiny chibi form at all times.

A Side of Variety Please

The most significant hangup in this game is its lack of variety. In a couple of ways, the levels offer an excellent amount of diversity, while the events are all from different positions. 

The girls all have enormous busts and there is no girl in this game that seems to have a modest, or smaller, petite frame. The girls themselves, through their personalities, differ in the beginning. However, they all end up becoming the same sex-addicted women. While they arrived there through different events with other characters, they eventually give-in to their lust and perversion. That lust allows them to lose any individuality or character building that they had up to this point. Each woman is drawn with the perfect hourglass figure with no room for abnormalities that would make things a little varied. 

Most of the girls are also introduced to the majority of male characters though different forms of rape including hypnosis, bondage, aphrodisiacs, bribery, and others. We only see one scene in the entire game that starts a relationship as consensual, which backtracks almost right away in the next chapter where the Kobold rapes Makina. This instantly dispels any thought of, “Oh, this might actually be a nice change of pace.” Instead, we go hard and fast throughout the game, and take no time to enjoy the guilty pleasure.

Why This Game is Alright

Although this game has some fundamental elements wrong in the long run, it is a hentai doujin game. The author wanted to focus on the sexual scenes and the idea of lust and perversion in the most provocative manner.

Creating a room just to watch events instead of reliving the story is proof enough for that, but even for this type of focus, the beginning of the story was well thought and planned out. The story dropped some well-detailed scenes and managed to balance the game reasonably to a point where I wasn’t KO’ing bosses in one swing. This game has its glory to it, though it is buried slightly far down the hole. 


Good Bad
Attention to Detail Lack of Variety
"Dalton Arc" Storyline Unfulfilling Plot
Enjoyable Unlockables No Party Members
Well Drawn Scenes
Multiple Endings

- 6/10 -