Final Fantasy XV With Half-Life Bundle Confirmed

Earlier today, Square Enix confirmed that they would be delivering a Half-Life bundle to their upcoming Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, along with an early release of the Chapter One demo.

Players can download the demo on February 26 and play it at whichever graphical settings they choose. Fans will not only test the game's capabilities, but get a chance to start playing early, as the data can be transferred to the full game upon release. 

The full game is set to release on March 6, and those that pre-ordered it are guaranteed a special treat for the PC version. Players with the first edition will get an exclusive set of items based off of Gordon Freeman from Valve’s Half-Life series. It will include his suit, spectacles, and trusty crowbar. The pieces of armor and weapon will be available for the story and the Multiplayer expansion as well.

“We hinted before that there would be more early purchase bonuses for FFXV Windows Edition," Square Enix said. "And today we are proud to reveal what some of them are!”