Persona 5 Animation Gets English Subtitled Trailer

Aniplex of America released the English subtitled trailer and full English website for Persona 5 The Animation.

Aniplex recently acquired the rights to the anime adaptation of the well-known JRPG, and it will be streaming in the U.S. sometime soon.

The anime follows the plot of the game: while Ren Amamiya to his new school, Shujin Academy, he discovers his Persona. Ren forms the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” who target adults' odd desires. The group try to live normal High School lives during the day, but at night they take action in the city of Tokyo.

The website hosts a complete overview of the characters, story, and even the staff and cast working on the project. A-1 will be in the production of the animation, as they have worked on a couple of other Persona projects. The voice actors from the game will also be making their way into the anime as well as the original music composer, Shoji Meguro. 

There is no set date for Persona 5 The Animation in the U.S., but it is set to appear in Japan by April 2018.