Finka and Lion - The New Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Siege's new Operators today. Finka and Lion are the Six's new CBRN specialists.

Finka—Lera is the team leader, while Lion—Olivier was the first to be recruited into the new specialist's task force.

Finka, a name granted to her from Kapkan after a knife fight went awry resulting in a large scar on her face, is the leader of the CBRN unit. Growing up with neuropathy that slowly degenerates her muscles and causes numbness in limbs, Lera stayed in top physical condition her entire life. Trying to find a way to save herself, she went to school and got a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology. Successfully manufacturing nanites, she was able to sustain her condition and force her disease into remission. Realizing that she wasn’t just helping herself with her discovery, she joined the army looking to do more, leading her to Six. 

Lion was a brash young man that was shooting down the wrong path at 18. Nearly homeless, alienated from family and getting his girlfriend pregnant, he joined the army. He was set on a path of structure and endurance that allowed him to find faith, himself, and something to keep him from falling back into his old ways. Olivier earned his nickname while roaring at a frightened mob in Sudan during a field mission. After getting his life on track, Olivier tried to reconnect with his son, but the boy already had another person to call father. Lion threw himself into overdrive and worked harder to keep himself distracted. With accolades and accomplishments being his only worth, he became somewhat void of emotion, seeking only to get the job done. Finka saw his outfit and recruited him to be the first to join the CBRN chapter on the team.

Check out the trailer for the Operators below: