Team Behind Kemono Friends Reveal New Anime Kemurikusa

Yaoyorozu, the studio behind Kemono Friendsrevealed their new anime series Kemurikusa earlier today.

TATSUKI, director of Kemono Friends, will be heading the development. TATSUKI and Yaoyorozu unveiled their project during the "Yaoyorozu Status Update Talk Event" at Tokyo's Shinjuku Alta Theater.

Kemurikusa is being adapted from TATSUKI's original work of the same name. Kemurikusa is described as a science fiction action story of girls fighting mysterious creatures called "Mushi"—bugs in a world shrouded by red fog.

Translation: "And so, we're going to make a Kemurikusa TV anime! We'll push ourselves to the limits! #kemurikusa"

TATSUKI's animation group, irodori, produced Kemurikusa from 2010 to 2012, and it won the 24th CG Anime Contest in 2012. The original Kemurikusa is a short, two part film that was released through irodori's official Youtube channel and distributed on DVD in Japan.