A Place Further Than the Universe - Episode 5 Review

A Place Further Than the Universe Megumi

A Place Further than the Universe’s cheesiness has become unbearable, and the weak final scene ruins the episode’s good jokes.

During a school ceremony, Mari and Shirase happily announce that they’re finally going to Antarctica. Mari’s close friend, Megumi, becomes nostalgic over the time they’ve spent together. This episode focuses on the relationship between the two best friends.

Unfortunately, the focus on Mari and Megumi is full of cheap and cliche developments. The ideas aren’t the problem, as what they wanted to do makes quite a bit sense. It’s just the execution that fails. This is especially evident during the final scene of the episode, in which the characters express emotions in ways which are inauthentic. The tacky drama is completely exaggerated, having the characters move their bodies erratically.

A Place Further Than the Universe Raining Shack

In a specific scene towards the end, Mari and Megumi are crying, and the ways in which their heads shake and tears fall are so bizarre. Rarely is something so ridiculously over animated. Even the comedy feels a bit underwhelming in comparison to previous episodes. Some scenes are still hilarious, but certain moments feel dry. There’s a part that was meant to be heartwarming and magical but it’s actually hilarious. Mari hugs Megumi from behind and whispers into her ear, saying that they’re still friends. However, the way this is animated looks incredibly odd. It seems so strangely sexual, completely out of touch with what the scene was meant to be.

Where interactions previously felt genuine, A Place Further than the Universe is starting to seem quite forced. Its focus on conflict is clearly not working, as the show is inept at developing believable drama.


Good Bad
Mostly Funny Annoying Cheesiness
Good Animation Lame Finale

- 6/10 -