Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 18 Review


Shin and Gai’s ties to the Shiryu reawakens Gai’s Busoma transformation and engages viewers through their bond.

Shin’s understanding of his possession by the true Shiryu sword causes him to follow Shiryu’s beckoning to seek out Gai with the false Shiryu arm that Gai once wielded. The two finally meet and Gai becomes consumed by the murderous rage to kill while fending off a Busoma attack on the Gabi. The episode’s focus on a Shin and Gai allows viewers to feel invested through their fateful bond.

The battle sequence between the rogue Busoma and the Gabi intrigues viewers as the intense fight scene invokes emotions from the viewers due to Gai’s internal conflict. His mental battle with combating his murderous desires and his urge to save everyone makes Gai more human than he was before. His broodiness was a deterrent and created a wall to where viewers couldn’t find any likeable traits, but his change of heart in wanting to be a better person truly speaks to the redemption theme for the show.

Shin and Gai’s personalities are polar opposites and when viewers compare the two with the weapons they wield the Shiryu’s also match their wielders as well. But their dualistic nature is another component the series displays through humanity’s corruption and wanting desire to change. Despite the themes, the episode combines enough interesting action with character development to entertain viewers to entice them to continue watching. However, the show’s unstable storytelling through the use of its characters produces a false hope for fans as character development hasn’t been the series strong suit.

Sword Gai: The Animation doesn’t disappoint with the second season’s sixth episode, however, it all depends on how the established protagonists interact with one another after Gai’s sudden fallout.


Good Bad
Gai's Change of Heart Conspiracy Theories
Shin's Consistently Nice Shin's Dad
Character Development Random Scene with Shin's Sister

- 7/10 -