Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 17 Review


Gai’s return centers on his change of heart and rebelling against his nature, which invokes a sign of growth much needed for the show’s story.

Gai’s survival from his suicide attempt shifts the story’s uninteresting plot development as he focuses on learning from the Gabi. All the while, a young boy transforms into a Busoma from having suffered at the hands of school bullies. The shift in story of focusing on Gai’s wanting desire to change is a breath of fresh air for the show, which makes the episode tolerable.

Himiko’s character truly adds to the episode and story in providing something different that the prior episodes lacked: Hope and redemption. Her character acts as a messiah toward saving those corrupted by the demonic weapons that shapeshift into Busoma. Himiko’s interest in Gai adds another interesting layer through the potential relational bond forming between them. As a result, this entices viewers to become emotionally invested between Himiko and Gai’s interactions. But Himiko herself is an underrated character that was introduced early on in the series, but was never given the spotlight until now.

Gai’s willingness to not fight and protect is both refreshing and relatable as viewers can now resonate with him since his broody nature has subsided. Yet the story still follows the same plot pattern of another person becoming a victim to a weapon’s corruption and changing into a Busoma. This consistent and annoying motif doesn’t make the show any better as the show’s premise focuses on human suffering along with preaching about a weapon’s purpose, which is to kill.

Nonetheless, Himiko and Gai’s connectedness helps the show’s story as it focuses on character development. If the show can shift its gears to focus on its characters and brings hope rather than the somber setting its established, then the series could redeem itself; much like its characters.


Good Bad
Himiko Tasteless Bullying
Gai's Return Unappealing Motifs
Character Development

- 6/10 -