They Are Billions Jan. 26 Update Adds Languages & Community Challenge


Zombie defense strategy game, They Are Billions, received a substantial patch with some highly requested features, bug fixes, and quality of life updates.

The most requested feature that fans got is the ability to queue up multiple commands for a single unit. Combined with the ability to pause the real-time action, this should help players strategize and get a better advantage over the zombie hordes. 

Along with this, Numantian Games has added another way to test players’ skills and get bragging rights in the form of the "Community Challenge." Each Monday a new community challenge will take place in which the whole community will play the same map and see who can get the highest score. 

It is recommended that players practice before heading into this mode. There is only one chance to make a mark on the global leaderboard.


There are also some minor gameplay additions in the form of the Old Towers and explosive barrels. The Old Towers are fortified structures that were eventually abandoned when the zombies overran their defenses. If a player finds one, they’ll have the opportunity to reclaim its valuable defensive position, given enough supplies and time. 

Explosive Barrels can be strategically placed, and when shot, they will explode. This can be useful for thinning out swarms of zombies. Found in ruins and picked up by the soldier, sniper, and lucifer classes, they can be placed wherever you need extra defense.


As well as gameplay additions, there’s the addition of eight new languages, bug fixes, new swarm music, and a new building designs.

Chinese—traditional and simplified, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese have all been implemented. These languages are still considered to be in beta. Until they iron out the issues, expect grammatical and spelling errors.

With the They Are Billions’ campaign yet to arrive, several more updates are expected to be released.