Overwatch Reveals New Epic Skins

With only two days before Overwatch's cosmetic update, Blizzard's social media team gave us a sneak peak at epic skins for not one, but five characters.

The roster for the epic skins include McCree, Reaper, Junkrat, Symmetra and Zenyatta. Names of the skins haven't been revealed yet, but you can check out what they look like in the tweet below.


McCree's skin has a blue and white theme, with blue infesting his gadgets, gun, and skull belt, while the white trims his clothing and fills another skull on his cape.

Reaper's skin covers him with hellish symbols on his coat, patterned with different shades of red and orange, and let's not forget his demonic helmet.

Junkrat's skin is themed with yellow, black and orange patterns. More specifically, he has caution symbols all over his bombs and peg leg.

Symmetra's skin is very similar to her original colors, with the blue and bronze becoming darker and decorative.

Zenyatta's skins gets a full rework with a green and black color scheme as well as a new tech themed head.

Earlier this week, Blizzard's sneak peaks included new emotes as well as legendary skins for Pharah, Lucio and Hanzo. All this new content will be available in the cosmetic update launching on January 23.